I have been engrossed in computers since I was (literally) one year old. At the age of ten, I start programming, and I have been completely infaturated with Computer Science ever since. Initially, I studied Networking Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Stout, before transferring to complete my degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My background in networking and programming gives me a unique perspective on the software development lifecycle, which has assisted me as I take on difficult programming projects and classes. My skillset is quite broad -- ranging from creating emulators and decompiling C binaries to cutting edge web development, I bolster a true full-stack development skillset that helps me overcome any task I am given.

Education Computer Networking

University of Wisconsin - Stout, 2019-2021

Studied Computer Networking before transferring degree credits to UW - Madison.

Completed CCNA, CCIE networking curriculum. Computer Sciences

University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2021-2024

Coordinator (leadership position) for the CS Undergraduate Project Laboratory.
AWS Cloud Captain
Jane Street Estimathon UW Lead Organizer
Hatathon Spring 2022 Organizer
MadHacks Organizer Spring 2023
MadHacks Organizer Fall 2023

Golden Brick Award 2022 Recipient
Hosted 4x lectures on SWE Industry Preparation
Co-hosted multiple course seminars to UW students



Software Engineering Intern

May - August 2021 (Denver, CO)

Full Stack Engineer for Cigna's myMatrixx branch. Worked on various tickets in Java microservices for a ReactJS web application. Helped create autonomous dev tooling for porting Oracle databases to Postgres databases, decreasing database loadtimes by over 97%

Additionally did QA automation in Java, and various Frontend work (ReactJS enhancements, Frontend developer and manager for the 2021 React Native SIP project - a production web application built on Expo and a serverless AWS stack).

Took CURRIC 277 at UW - Madison concurrent to the internship.


Software Engineering Intern

June - August 2022 (O'Fallon, MO)

Worked on automating SSO user creation for an application written in C# / .NET. Created a tool for nearly complete autonomous creation of Mastercard users and autonomous XML serialization to facilitate new user creation on Mastercard's older software. Additionally created a tool autonomously removing serialized users from Mastercard XML datasheets. Wrote the tool in JavaScript with NodeJS standard libraries.

Prototyped and documented various internal Mastercard products. Created all documentation for accessing and posting from an internal Mastercard product API. Used this documentation to create a system design prototype for a solution to fully autonomous user creation.

Took LSC 350 (Data Visualization) and LIS 461 (Data Ethics and Policy) at UW - Madison concurrent to the internship.


Software Engineering Intern

May - August 2023 (Los Gatos, CA)

Software Engineer for the Partner Growth and Experience - Partner Payments Engineering team.

Created a backend service for autonomously validating partner infrastructure integrations with Netflix.

Took STATS 324 (Statistics for Engineers) and CS 579 (Virtual Reality) at UW - Madison concurrent to the internship.


Incoming Software Engineer

Summer 2024 (Los Gatos, CA)

Team tbd.

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • x86 Assembly
  • TypeScript
  • Go
  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • Gatsby
  • Astro
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • PostgreSQL
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